20 08 2009

Oh damn its time again……..
Whats sucks the most is I only have one friend I actually know thats going to be in my class!!!! I got a new teacher… Oh god I hope it’s not a guy X_X
The last guy teacher was an ex-police man and he left last year. I hate school so much. I’m prolly going to have to do useless projects every week like last year so then I can’t make textures. I have too read THREE FUCKING books too! OMG! I bet there will be a bunch of new people in school too. Maybe they would be cool…or plain creepy. Idk but If I have too fucking projects I might have too resing on my teams!!!! Oh god I hate it soooooooooooo much………

<strong><em>THIS IS</em></strong> what summer is about!!!!

THIS IS what summer is about!!!!




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21 08 2009

I’m definetly with you there. I hate school more than ANYTHING. Last year, I couldn’t do anything except maybe on Saturdays because I had so much work to do all the time. It feels like I just got out last week… Also, in real life, unless I’m around my friends, I’m one of those kids that just sits there and doesn’t talk unless someone speaks to me first, so people are like “Oh my god! You can talk!” whenever I actually say something (speech was torture). I love being online on the texture sites, forums, and youtube, because people actually respect me there and not think I’m weird for having long hair and wearing band shirts and liking metal instead of that crap that everyone likes nowadays called ‘rap’.

21 08 2009

I AM SOOOOO WITH YOU THERE!!!! I barley talked in school. I hate rap music unless you count White & Nerdy by Weird Al. I go on KCMM and YT a lot and tal;k to people there. I don’t really say anything until someone talks to me either. If I said ONE thing in school last year my teacher would have just had a spaz! I came soooooo close to getting detention for something like that.

22 08 2009
the smasher


My school has 2 stories and i just shifted upstairs! and extra half hour of school AN ENTIRE SCHOOL OF PPL I DONT KNOW and all I have are the graduetes from my class that I call “the originals” cuz we were a school group and were always friends

22 08 2009

My school has the I guess you could say

1st floor/kinda like a “basement” floor
2nd floor the entrances are all on it
3rd floor which only teachers/staff can go up to

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