Important Updates+DSi!

10 11 2009

Hey guys! You’re prolly wondering where my textures are that I said I would make and post a while ago right? Well I’m sorry but I’m still working. I got busy and never got around to finishing them. I hope that I can make prolly THE BIGGEST update ever with all the stuff I had been working on. I also got hooked on model swapping so I made a category for them. Not like charatcers like taking Kirby’s Hammer for example and replace it with the golden hammer(yes it HAS been done by TheSkilledOne) so its really cool! Also I FOUND MY DSi AGAIN!!!! 😉 🙂
So yea thats good! And I am fixing and deleting links! Like the ones from BrawlHost. I fixed Stack Smash’s, Electronic Core’s and Metal Militalia’s so go and check them out! Please if you guys have new blogs post a link in the comments and I shall fix your blog link! Thank you everyone!




5 responses

10 11 2009
Ice Kirby

Glad U Found It! XD

10 11 2009
10 11 2009
Ice Kirby


10 11 2009

lol! =3
Oh and I didn’t remember to add that and just did! I changed it from the original site XD

10 11 2009
Ice Kirby


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