I am soooo late…

10 01 2010

…but does it matter!? I’m brining you this texture whether you like it or not! I didn’t update because I got obssesed with Spirit Tracks….I am like halfway done the game 😀
Well I took pix yesteday but didn’t post them because I went out, I got Soul Calibur 2 for GC, Link’s Crossbow Training seperateley for Wii, Action Replay DSi, a micro SDHC for it, and some DVD’s(10) 😀
Well anyway if anyone can help with the Action Replay I need help with it. So the texture. This is one of my best in my opinion, it’s Dark Bowser from SMRPG3! Yea it’s been done before but I tried my hand at it and here it is!!!

He's copying Luigi 😛



Here’s the download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?zyzn1ghyu51

Peace guys & girls! 🙂





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