What if…

16 01 2010

…I started doing written reviews on here? I had this idea for a while….IGN does written reviews and gameplay videos but I don’t know if I could do gameplay footage….so what do you guys think? Here’s how it would go. I would type up my thoughts about a specific game then maybe take some gameplay shots as in pictures of like some things you do in the game? I could probably post some good reviews on here? So what do you guys think? Please comment!!!! Oh they could be about at least: PC, Wii, SNES, NES, DS, DSi, DS&Wii Homebrew games, GBA, and maybe games from some other systems that I have roms for 😀
So yes PLEASE tell me what you think, I think it would be fun doing this! 😉
Also I have an idea of an FPS game to review that some of you probably never heard of that maybe you would die to see! 😛




3 responses

16 01 2010

yeah that’d be cool just as long as you still make a texture every couple of days/weeks/months/years/decades/centuries/millennia whatever’ good with you. preferably weeks.

16 01 2010

Finally some feedback! 😀
lol like because most of the people who come here mainly want my textures and such. I think it would be cool, but I will see if more people comment their thoughts. And my textures and such…I get a lot of homework and homework on the weekend’s so I can’t really do anything about that, and then most of the time I have stuff to do on the weekends…..so yea that doesn’t help 😦
But every onece and a while I try to get some in! 😉

19 01 2010

your gonna try getting your thoughts, I’m not quite if this will help but can you show what would happen if you use hacks wrong.

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