19 01 2010

…so yea I was kinda thinking last night…I know I don’t really post that many hacks either. But like I kinda think me making hacks is getting kinda redundant… Like this is how it goes with me. I make the hack, get pics, put up DL, make post, see people comment and stuff, check back a while later doesn’t have more than 10 DL’s…. like nobody really likes anything I make, my Dark Bowser texture only 4 downloads. So I have had this question before should I give up hacking and such?




3 responses

20 01 2010

Don’t give up hacking Pinutk, I like what you made. and if you ask about downloading then I can’t do that because I don’t have the proper equipment to download it.

20 01 2010

My Shadow texture has 181 DL’s!

20 01 2010

I bet Marvin’s has like over 1,000 maybe more, I wasn’t going to spam the real joke, Weegee has 104 DL’s. Anyway thats cool Ice!

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