1 02 2010

I think I finally got my DVD’s to burn correctly!!! TvC here I come!!! So um can anyone tell em some of the best wii games out there? I will do some hunting around. So far the iso I have are MadWorld(one of the best Wii games EVER) Muramasa the Demon Blade(this game is awesome and it is very little in file size) and soon (hopefuly) Tatsuoko Vs Capcom. Right now it’s at about 50% so I will go play it once it’s done. That game looks so awesome and I can’t wait to play it!!!! I would really appreciate some feedback thanks! P.S. I still have 9 more DVDs 😀
Maybe I’ll attempt my first written review later tonight :O




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1 02 2010

Well I guess you guys could say I was on break from hacking for a while. I think maybe I should try my hand at editing stages or maybe creating new ones :O
Yea I saw the new BrawlBox and haven’t really touched upon it so I really want to use it but I don’t feel like it 😛 also I might try polygon deleting or model editing 🙂

3 02 2010

Well i play Mvc. XD

3 02 2010

I SAW THAT GAME!!! I was at gamestop and didn’t have my wallet with me so I couldn’t buy it and I went back there a while later and it was gone 😦 😦 😦

4 02 2010

Severely I wonder what happen to my TVC post I had on ESBGT.

4 02 2010

I know I wondered what happened to it too…maybe TGA deleted it by accident

7 02 2010

hm, well I guess I can put it back up there again.

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