Whats with the gold cheese grater?

26 02 2010

Yea he’s from TvC

Its fucking GOLD LIGHTAN!!! When I first played TvC I thought he seriously was a giant cheese grater lol. Well I finally get my first teaser hahahaha. I haven’t done anything with hacks in a LONG time so yea. I just made this I’ll put it on someone tommorrow and test it out. Idk if i’ll follow through with all of the animations and crap because honestly I have no idea how to do it…. well here’s the pic.


If you people say its fake that just means you want the cheese grater thing or your an ass =D hehe




2 responses

2 03 2010

lol, thats hilarious. playing a freaking cheese grater in brawl!

3 03 2010

it would be funny lol

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