29 06 2010

Does anyone still visit here I’m kinda wondering?If you guys do please subscribe to my mail list thingy incase I ever decide to post again because, well you never know! 😉




5 responses

30 06 2010

i still visit, lol. 🙂

30 06 2010

yay! 😀
I started to visit you’re site more often as well! I’m really liking your hacks! 🙂
I still can’t vertex but whatever. 😛
Also please check back later on today (its 1:00 AM here lol) because I’m prolly going to have an update! A trophy edit(kinda minor), an old jigglypuff texture I found, and progress on my 2D stage I started technically yesterday lol. 😀

7 07 2010

sorry I haven’t been visiting here, I tried requesting something from kitty corp and no one haven’t answered it, well except beyondyou and he said it’s too easy for him. the request was bringing the remaining members of the sos brigade, haruhi, kyon, yuki, and itsuki (mikuru is already in brawl twice, one in her maid outfit, another in her school outfit) so yeah.

11 07 2010

its fine, yea he’s a good hacker but if its SO easy idk why he can’t do it than…

21 07 2010

good point, yet luigiman said it might take days to make. also even if he isn’t making the sos brigade, he’s still successful in doing hacks.

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