14 07 2010

I guess I can vertex now…?

Hard tits anyone? XD

Wacka Alpacca kicks ass and you know it!!!! :DDD




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16 07 2010

O.o thats one amazing vertex hack… really nice job, vertexing is everything now.

17 07 2010

I hope you weren’t being sarcastic…and yea vertexing is everything now, later on I want to see if I can vertex my old weegee texture too make him look more like weegee. 😀

17 07 2010

@ PinutK

YES! we need Weegee in brawl. Im actually thinking about vertexing off toon link’s hat so MJ can look more realistic,

18 07 2010

That was my first texture 🙂 I want to re do it a little bit as well. Also I want to redo my MJ as well. I wanted to make his skin not so cel-shade-y looking 😛
And apparently I thought I heard ToonLink has hidden hair vertices under his hat?

21 07 2010

sweet pinutk. congrats on learning how to vertex hack dude, i’m getting my computer sometime, after my mom stops using it after two weeks, it’s all mine.

21 07 2010

hehehe thanks 😀
I don’t really know how to EXACTLY but I’m working on it.I’m waiting for DasDonkeyVertexBox2.0 so there won’t be any more “cloud vertices” that and I couldn’t get mariokart64n’s method working DX
And thats good news with the computer! 🙂

7 08 2010


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