Zelda Music, yay!!!

19 07 2010

Hey everyone I just made 2 brstms. Well 1 was old and the other was made today. I have Ooccoo’s Theme from LoZ TP and the Item Catch tune from the N64 Zelda games. So yeah here ya go! 😀

Ooccoo’s Theme(a music replacement)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?1i3r1xlkifdf8i2

LoZ Item Catch Victory Theme(goes for ALL LoZ characters)

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?duhac3n6o4jnz8f




2 responses

19 07 2010

lol at the item get theme, might make that the victory theme or something. I revamped your mj today with no hat if you want it. (pik made the vertex) or u can do it yourself it really isnt that hard to make. 😉

19 07 2010

i know its awesome 😉
and you did!? you got to it faster than I did, today I was working on my old War Knight texture, has a vertexed sword!!! 😀
and yea I saw Pik released, that was on my to do list with my old stuff as well. and could you PM me pics on KC:MM? 🙂
And all I really wanted to do with him was make his skin look not so cel-shadey and yeah use Pik’s vertex 😛

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