Fixed my trophy!

23 07 2010

Rember that “true” toon link final smash trophy I made? Well its not to true…so I made a revamp! ^_^
Now that I looked back on this trophy texture I felt VERY stupid, I thought HOW could I forget a cel-shaded toonlink!?!? Well now I fixed it ^^
Credit to KTH, BigSharkZ, Register, Calamitas really because all I did was use their textures and put them onto a trophy. Oh yea and I’m remaking my War Knight texture! 😀 it ALREADY looks WAAYYY better than the first one. and than I have to get my texture thread on KC:MM up to date >_> and maybe make one of those Brawl Vault buttons later on as well. Anyway enough babbling here’s the pics and DL!





2 responses

25 07 2010

this is so much better, and way more cel-shaded. i never liked what brawl did with toon link.

26 07 2010

thank you! 🙂 if they wanted it accurate they coulda made him cel-shaded…

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