1 09 2010

So i got some news for all of you…well I started 8th grade yesterday MAN IS IT A BITCH! High school’s probably worse but oh well D: I had to give my friend a paper and I was being funny and I said “Merry Christmas” and the damn teacher yells at me saying stop your side comments or something stupid X(
So I just had an 1 hour and 45 minutes worth of Homework to do so don’t expect much of me modding wise because its all just too much…. I mean seriously the second day of school I got 5 things to do >_>
So I just wanted to let you all know that…

ALSO I GOT A NEW COMPUTER! DVD burner, WINDOWS 7 :D, and a not shitty GFX card= Dell Vostro= 😀 😀 😀

Only thing is I lost all the stuff on my old hardrive…my mom is going to have a computer dude try and get our data off of it (I HOPE HE CAN!) because I had all of my old Itunes music, Brawl Mods, Videos, Pictures all that junk, but I really want my Brawl Mods back. So yeah this is all I got to say now.





2 responses

4 09 2010

What can I say, sucks to be Pinut.

Just kidding, you’ll survive buddy, just hang in there.

4 09 2010

Yes it does lol 😛
I think my school is considered a private school, and holy crap are the teachers strict >_>

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