Yay an update after I started school!

15 09 2010

Hey people its that texture nerd you love so much! I actually finished two hacks after I started school, can you believe it? lol I have an asist trophy hack, and a revamp! well I’ll shutup and let you all look!

Dark Bowser V2 (with credit to GameWatching for the model) I revamped my texture and used Game’s model

You’re download? http://www.mediafire.com/?w9x13343pjuc9lp

And lastly a nintendog hack. Non-Annoying nintendog to be exact. Idk why no one else ever did this I’m happy I did it! :3 Mewtwo2000 told me how to make the model transparent(this should get KC:MM feature! :P)

And a download because I KNOW you want this! http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?9sska6z8uy3h9q8

Also I have a new Wolf project I’m working on. If anyone has ever seen my one and only PSA its going to be that combined with new animations to make a badass wolf!!!! >=D




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