Anyone want anything done?

26 09 2010

Hey everybody. I’m kinda bored here and I have several things I could be working on. Anyone want anything in perticular?

I kind of think I’m going to put the Wolf edits on hold for now.
I have a ZSS texture which is using real textures from the game the character is based from!
I might have my Jack hack done soon but I want to get a working vertex edit for it first though >.>
Starwaffle alos said I could edit his Naruto Pikachu so I have that.
And I have this Samus recolor I could release but I might not use it in my game 😛

So yeah thats about it. If anyone wants anything done first I could usually use something to do on weekend nights(like now) because I always flip around when I don’t feel like working on one thing, I just work on another. So yeah peace out. Also mybe I’ll make a tutorial on how to make model parts transparent!! 😀




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