SHE was in an FPS!?

5 10 2010

YAY! A hack from Pinutbutter!! 😀

So today I have Codename Viper from Combat Arms! Combat Arms is a FREE MMOFPS google it. So they have specilists and I made Viper out of Zero Suit Samus, which a lot of people suggest she looks like ZSS. AND I USED ACTUAL RIPPED TEXTURES FROM COMBAT ARMS!!!! This is probably one of the best damn textures I’ve ever made! So I’ll shut up and let you all see her. BUT you need to see the readme if you download it, it basically states some things about this, but all who don’t I don’t want anyone to make a vertex for her later on I will atempt it. So NOW for the pics! 😀

Wallpaper anyone? :3

Now as you can all see it comes in two versions one with a knife(because you can have knife only battles in CA and such) and one with a sniper rifle(its an FPS duh!) Credit to Yugnat for the ZSS body vertex and LookItsLink for the weapon verteices. So yeah I just jammed everything into a nicely organized pack with a few more pics and the hacks of course. Here’s your download:

Well peace all and happy hacking!




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