What a Mad update…

18 10 2010

Its a mad mad world and you’re caught in the game……you put your life on the line I put a whole in your brain! Yeah thats right people Jack from MadWorld joins the Brawl!! Whats so special about this huh? Well it actually has my first vertex edit! 😀 Now its nothing exciting though…In fact I wish It looked a little more like a chainsaw. 😛 but anyway I’m pretty proud of it. I had to use DDVB1.0 for the vertex edit though. D: so I’ll shutup now. Credits to Alexjol for the model base, and VILE for the AWESOME texture! 😀

And here is the download: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?8ojlv6j9y8jcj1p

Enjoy all and happy hacking! 😀
Also check out my new portraits! I have a tab on my site with links too them! I have CSP’s and SSP’s!!! :3




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