Just a few updates

30 11 2010

Hey everyone Pinutk here! 😀 I really haven’t been doing too much Brawl Hacking lately I just got a little bored with it I guess…anyway I made some updates, nothing big but I just need to post it here. But first let me say If you own a DS you MUST buy and i mean MUST buy Super Scribblenauts!!! For an E 10+ game it kicks SOOOO much ass its not even funny!!! I wish they would make at least a T version with like angry cussing dudes 😛 oh and the Sims 3 on Wii isn’t a bad game either, if your playing as one Sim, DON’T try to do a whole family, or you’r dad will end up sleeping on a park bench somewhere and you’ll have to find him o.0
I also made a new hedaer which looks pretty cool! 🙂

Anyway enough of my babling. I made two Gecko Background things. One was a Super Mario Sunshine one because it was my favorite Game Cube Game, and the other was a Shadow The Hedgehog Gecko Background Pack! I think Shadow is awesome, and I was playing Shadow the Hedgehog lately and kinda made me wanna do something with him. The Shadow pack has over 10 wallpapers made for a Gecko Background, two were my custom made versions but they failed…

Click the pics to go to the download! 🙂
So pick the one you want, copy it to the root of your SD card(where all the main folders and stuff are) rename it to “background” without quotations of course, and load Gecko and there you have a custom background! 😀

Enjoy everyone! 😛




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