Three hacks ready to go!

17 12 2010

Yes the title speaks the truth! Alrighty I got three hacks today! Now I still have mabye FIVE more un-released hacks! But I’m going to limit it to only three hacks. I’ve got Hercules from the master piece of shit that is Action 52! I have Battle Damage ROB and Warioman in Pajamas! Yup thats our lineup. Hercules is the big Cheetah from the Cheetahmen games btw. Well enough babling I’ll let you look at the hacks! Oh and my new thing, you guys no how I make “Preview Pictures” like from whatever the character was based from, well I will put the download link in those Pictures, so to download my hacks now all you have to do is click on the “Preview Picture”.

So first up is Hercules the Cheetah! Credit to Virt 9 for the model base. Includes the Cheetahmen theme from Action 52 on NES as a brstm 😛 and portraits!

Fighting the evil monkey man!

And next Battle Damage Rob! Originally was going to be an emerald texture but it didn’t work out, TRUST me, don’t try to make emerald textures on ROB unless their one color or something, because they will turn out HORRIBLE! They don’t even look like the original image you used! Anyway includes a CSP.

And last but not least Warioman in pajamas! Yes I am serious!!! I wanted to make a Warioman texture because he didn’t have very many good textures. So I got the idea to make him in pajamas because it was close to Christmas. Wario can have an inner kid, a very ugly inner kid XP I made two versions, one with a mustache the other without. The one without a mustache was edited in the Materials1 portion of his MDL0 file not really vertexed out or anything.

I had off from school today so thats why I updated. Until next update which prolly won’t be until after Christmas but you never know! I have more hacks I could release so I’ll save them until next time. Anyway Happy Holidays people! Christmas is only about a week away!!!! 😀 😀 😀





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