Flip Test and Review talk!

27 12 2010

Hey everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas! Mine was alright, I wanted to get an Ipod Classic for Xmas but I didn’t, instead my little sister ends up with a DS :\ ahh well its ok because I had it better than most people, I know a lot of families didn’t have a good christmas holiday…but anyway I got Sonic Colors on DS(VERY VERY VERY short game) Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and DK Country Returns. Epic Yarn and DK Country Returns are freaking amazing!!! 😀 I got some money too, want to get Black Ops for my PC! 😉
So anyway I recorded a video with my parents new “Flip”. Its a little HD Camcorder about the size of an Ipod Classic maybe a little bigger and slimmer(yeah go figure :P) so I needed to post the video here.

Anyway also I had an intension to make a review! Yeah if anyone remebers a while ago I was going to make text reviews but I kinda just scrapped the idea. So now I have a pretty decent way to record the gameplay, maybe type up a script and read it while I play the game. The first game I want to do a review is Sonic and the Secret Rings. I HATED that game with a burning passion… So I have off all this week, and might make the review Tuesday. I wanted tp go all AVGN-style on it because that game can piss you off in SO many different ways. Anyway so yeah thats about it. Let me know if anyone would like to see that 😛
Peace out!





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