Hi! My name is Pinutk! I used too have a blog for CP stuuff but I deleted it because I no longer play CP(Club Penguin) I now do stuff like Brawl Hacks! I am on two texture hacking teams. Smasher’s Inc. and Galaxia Darkness! I go on ESH forums, Kitty Corp forums, and Smasher’s Inc. forums to post my textures and the teams I’m on. So I made this blog just for fun. I hope people bookmark it and what-not so expect some posts from me! Also I will have ALL my textures on here! I chose not to release some on S.I. or G.D. like my Kitty Corp Fan Ness because that they weren’t related too the team. It’s all just so you guys can come and visit my site! Am I being harsh? I’m not doing this for publicity, I just want you guys to know what goes on and I post behind-the-scenes stuff here to like previews that aren’t anywhere else! =)

Pinutk Sig

What does “Pinutk” mean???
Well you really wanna know? YEA I know you want to know!

I am so awesome =D

I am so awesome =D

Thats what Facebook told me Pinutk meant! I guess thats kinda cool XD


4 responses

3 12 2009

Snow!!! 😀

3 12 2009
Ice Kirby



3 12 2009

I fixed the banner. It is now awesome. Check GT. You too Pinutk. XD

3 12 2009

Thanks for telling me how to put it on TGA 😉
And I’ll go check right now! =D

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