My New Video Intro!

14 10 2010

Hey people! No hacks here but I just wanted to show off my new video intro! So if I make a video of my hacks or just whatever I will be using this intro.

Tell me what you all think! 😀


Project Shadow

7 12 2009

You guys should fucking worship this site for all the spoilers I reveal on here! So yes as the title says Project Shadow I will be starting a model hack project. It will be like the Waluigi one. It will have Shadow’s model, custom animations, and a moveset to balance out the custom animations. I am building this off of ZakoChild/Yellow Alloy/Mario’s Alloy because the Yellow Alloy has similar bones to Shadow as well as some moves from Sonic and maybe more people. So here is a sneak peak at the “AAA” combo.

OH PRETTY!!!! >=)