I need help deciding!

29 11 2009

I’ve been looking for reviews of this game and haven’t really found any…I looked up reviews for the first one on DS and it looks pretty good. So I would imagine that this would be better. So yea like if anyone has played this game can you tell me. I really wanna get it. Also here’s some gameplay from IGN! =)

On the other hand I think Lego Rock Band looks really good! As does Naruto Ninja Destiny 2(I only like the games now) so like can you guys help me decide please! CoD looks awesome! Lego Rock Band has great songs! And Naruto I played he first one and there are so many more charcters in this one! Alright please comment your thoughts! Oh and now I’m going to put pics in with my texture downloads! Thanks to the few who voted 😀


Brawl cannot load some characters…

19 10 2009

Yea I don’t get it… X_X
So some of my characters don’t work. I don’t know what happened but its only some.
They are the following:
Donkey Kong

Those are really the only ones I have tried…if anyone can help PLEASE tell me!