Zelda Music, yay!!!

19 07 2010

Hey everyone I just made 2 brstms. Well 1 was old and the other was made today. Read the rest of this entry »


Remember Me!?

19 11 2009

Alright everyone! I just have something to say…sorry. I feel bad that I kept saying that I was going to update on some certain day and I didn’t…
Second of I have REALLY suckish news!!!! So I was cleaning out my computer to get some more space and I deleted my Flapjack toonlink…it wasn’t a problem until now because I had it on my SD card when I was using the Brawl Textureizer and EVERYTHING with a .pcs file was wiped out! So I didn’t really have any other textures I was working on than that…so I will still post pix of it though, but I plan to try and remake it later on. Also I made a Kirby texture but that was wiped out to but I remade it! =D
It was on Kirby and was easy to remake XD
So now that I have the news done I shall go on with the update! Also please read at the bottom why this was late.

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I love Brawl!

25 10 2009

And Brawl loves me! You wanna know why? MY CHARACTERS WORK NOW!!!! YESH I KID YOU NOT!!! As far as I know all of them work 100% again! Yep! I kinda think it was this code I had on made by Picano. It was a code that made G&W all rainbow colors and only worked for player 1 and of course I was player 1 so yea you get the point. I now feel

Awesome Face

again! XD

While I am at it, EXCLUSIVE sneek peek my site only =)
This is my next texture, its based off of a cartoon, I won’t give out the name but if you know you may comment it, first one to guess it gets candy ;D

SSBB preview!

1,000+ Views!!!

12 10 2009

Thank you everyone for coming t my site! I really apprectiate it, please continue to support me 😉

Oh and all of my fans are
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SmashBox is the way to go!

26 08 2009

Ok this is the third fucking time I am trying to post this!!!! Ok so I had a Sonic texture, it wouldn’t work right in ASH, his eyes were missing so I found SmashBox and I fixed it! Ok so ONLY use ASH to extract the TGA’s from the PAC and edit them in your method then import them into SmashBox. It’s better trust me! I am getting really pissed because I can’t post this!

Also I am pretty sure I am done three of my textures now! I hope to get them up before tuesday(I start school then)

Go here to read more about this program! P.S. It has a download link….