My New Video Intro!

14 10 2010

Hey people! No hacks here but I just wanted to show off my new video intro! So if I make a video of my hacks or just whatever I will be using this intro.

Tell me what you all think! 😀


I’m impressed!

17 08 2010

Wow I can’t believe I actually made it this far. Read the rest of this entry »

Check this out

16 03 2010

=P Read the rest of this entry »

Youtube videos!!

9 02 2010

I made some youtube videos for once, I haven’t made one in like forever o_0
Just test of using Sony Vegas 9! =D Read the rest of this entry »


1 02 2010

I think I finally got my DVD’s to burn correctly!!! TvC here I come!!! So um can anyone tell em some of the best wii games out there? I will do some hunting around. So far the iso I have are MadWorld(one of the best Wii games EVER) Muramasa the Demon Blade(this game is awesome and it is very little in file size) and soon (hopefuly) Tatsuoko Vs Capcom. Right now it’s at about 50% so I will go play it once it’s done. That game looks so awesome and I can’t wait to play it!!!! I would really appreciate some feedback thanks! P.S. I still have 9 more DVDs 😀
Maybe I’ll attempt my first written review later tonight :O


19 01 2010

…so yea I was kinda thinking last night…I know I don’t really post that many hacks either. But like I kinda think me making hacks is getting kinda redundant… Like this is how it goes with me. I make the hack, get pics, put up DL, make post, see people comment and stuff, check back a while later doesn’t have more than 10 DL’s…. like nobody really likes anything I make, my Dark Bowser texture only 4 downloads. So I have had this question before should I give up hacking and such?

Happy Holidays!!!

25 12 2009

Hey everyone! Just wanted to say happy holidays to you all! I got New Super Mario Bros Wii and Mario & Luigi Bower’s Inside Story(Mario & Luigi RPG 3). My break is going AWESOME so far! I may make some more textures also while I have free time! I might start a new one or continue on with my un-finished ones. So yea Happy Holidays all! 😀 oh and thanks for 4,000+ views 😉 😀 😉